"You Get The Incredible Insights And Life-Changing Stories Of 14 Millionaire Marketing Tycoons, Who Defeated All Their Fears... Crushed All The Barriers... And Went From Rags To Riches Practically Overnight!"
Rip The Insights Right Out Of The Brains Of:
  • Mark Joyner
  • Yanik Silver
  • Willie Crawford
  • Michel Fortin
  • Jermaine Griggs
  • Andrew Fox
  • Jason James
  • Tom Beal
  • Stu Mclaren
  • Joel Christopher
  • Rosalind Gardner
  • Jeremy Schoemaker
  • Gary Ambrose
  • Rob Cowie


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Discover The "Behind-The-Scenes" Stories Of 14 Successful Internet Millionaires! Get inside their brains and walk through the journeys they took to become Internet millionaires:

  • How a college filmmaker from Florida turned an "experiment" into a $248 million blockbuster through the power of viral marketing
  • How a former U.S. Army Officer turned a one-man operation into a multi-million dollar international corporation with customers in every Internet-connected country on the planet
  • How a 17 year-old kid with $70 in hand built a $3 million Internet company from the ground up teaching people how to play piano by ear

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"This Best Selling Book Is Not About Corporate CEO's... Or Dot-Com-Buy Outs... Or From People Who Made Fortunes From IPO's...

It Is About Average, Ordinary People, Just Like You And Me, Who Went From Scratch To Millionaires Practically Overnight...

And, How You Can Do The Exact Same Thing By Swiping Their Wisdom And Modeling What They Did... And How They Did It!"

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Rave Reviews!

"This book is a must-have on every Interent marketer's bookshelf!"

"You learn from the success and failure of others.

Tang's selection of some of the most influential stars in the Internet world and their inspirational stories make for some very valuable information.

This book is a must-have on every Internet marketer's bookshelf."

- Joseph Sugarman,
Chairman, BlueBlocker Corporation and
Bestselling Author of Triggers

"This is a brave book worth serious consideration to every Internet marketer!"

Ben Mack

"Stanley Tang breaks-open the code on how the moguls really got their starts and created their breaks.

eMillions reveals how the pillars of Internet Marketing built their foundations and the lessons these gurus hold critical for you and I to know.

Learn seminal facts about Internet Marketing: When Mark Joyner wrote the very first e-book, why Tom Beal and Gary Ambrose give entrepreneurial credit to the North American Filsaime Butterfly and how Michel Fortin set the first million-dollar-day record.

Stanley got the real players to reveal what they did right and what they would do differently. This is a brave book worth serious consideration to every Internet Marketer."

- Dr. Ben Mack,
#1 Best-Selling Author of Think Two Products Ahead

"ESSENTIAL Reading For The Online Entrepreneur!"

Rob Cowie

"eMillions is exactly the kind of book we need right now – real people making significant inroads to online success. I am honored to be interviewed with these intelligent, successful, entrepreneurs. eMillions is an essential reading for the online entrepreneur."

- Rob Cowie,
Producer of The Blair Witch Project
President, Wroldwide Brands Inc.

"eMillions is a fantastic read for the new as well as seasoned marketer!"

Jason James

"Stanley did an amazing job pulling together some of the top names in the Internet marketing arena and getting them to spill their gutts on exactly how they became successful.

I like how in the interviews Stanley goes from square one discussing life first and then transitioning into business.

So there are not only inspiring life stories, there are great business lessons as well. eMillions is a fantastic read for the new as well as seasoned marketer."

- Jason James,
Internet Millionaire

"Absolutely incredible!"

Justin Michie

"If I had to sum this book up in two words, they’d be: Absolutely incredible.

Reading about the success stories of some of the biggest names in Internet marketing sent shivers down my spine.

And learning the intimate details about how they got to be where they are, how they think and how they run things is motivation enough for anyone to get started.

After reading this book, you’ll want to jump up and get started. It’s a true inspiration to anyone in this business. I don’t read too many books on Internet marketing anymore, but this is one I’ll read again and again."

- Justin Michie,
Author of Street Smart Internet Marketing

"eMillions is a fantastic walk through the brains of some of the best business builders online!"

Kevin Riley

"eMillions is a fantastic walk through the brains of some of the best business builders online.

I believe strongly in learning from other people’s successes and mistakes – especially their mistakes, as it’s a lot cheaper when somebody else has already made the mistake and you can avoid it.

Stanley has deftly drawn out the ups and downs, and each story is worthy of some serious study – if you’re serious about being successful yourself.

I recommend reading only one marketer’s story each night, and fully focusing on what they did right and what they did wrong.

As you read through their stories, you’ll find that they are regular human beings just like you, and you’ll realize how you too can have this success. They’ve already gone there; you can use ideas from their stories to make your path there that much easier."

- Kevin Riley,
Osaka, Japan

"A Must Read!"

Eric Louviere

"If you are struggling to get started online or you want to go to the next level, you MUST read eMillions."

- Reed Floren,
Well-Known Joint Venture Broker and Internet Marketer

"If you are not excited or driven after going through eMillions, you'll need to check your pulse!"

Eric Louviere

"Stealing some of the insights and advice from those who have been there and done that is one of the very best things you can do to balloon your income online.

In fact, Tony Robbins preaches about finding someone who is highly successful and modeling after them.

In eMillions, Stanley has provides just that – the real 'in the trenches' insights – behind millions of dollars worth of pure 'real life' results from some of the brightest minds around.

I fully recommend you stop what you are doing and go through this. If you are not excited or driven after going through eMillions, you’ll need to check your pulse."

- Eric Louviere,
Online Copywriter and Marketer

"With no excuse, no obstacle too big, and this book in hand, there's nothing left but to succeed!"

Jason Marshall

"Facts tell and stories sell. Well, I’m sold! Stanley, I don’t know how you got the top notch marketers you did to share their intimate success stories... but you did, and I thank you.

It’s one thing to just read content, but to be able to go behind the scenes and see that they are REAL people from humble beginnings (even welfare, bankruptcy, and horrific tragedies) who fought their way to the top is priceless.

My perspective and attitude has changed and, as a result, my business will never be the same. With no excuse, no obstacle too big, and this book in hand, there’s nothing left but to succeed."

- Jason Marshall,
Next Internet Millionaire Contestant

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